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Welcome to the 4RAR Gaming Community

The 4RAR Gaming Clan [4RAR] is one of the fastest growing communities and largest based in the Oceanic Region but with international divisions. Despite its size our international group maintains a familiar atmosphere that always welcomes new players. 

We play over 12 games both casually and competitively offering a lot of people to play with. We also officially support Days of War, Battalion 1944, Bannerlord II & War of Rights once released. However, our members play many games with each other, like Insurgency, Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm, War Thunder, Mount & Blade: Warband, The Forest, Heroes of the Storm or Company of Heroes 2 that is not limited to one division. We have a lot to offer not just as a clan but as a gaming organisation and community in general. 

We are looking for friendly and committed players who enjoy team play and a fun community itself. Our clan is pretty casual however we pride ourselves in being a disciplined, skillful and respected clan in all fields of the community meaning we do have a fair amount of rules, guidelines and such. If you are a casual gamer we will give you a friendly environment to play in, if you are more competitive we will acquaint you with like-minded people.

  • Ranks & Leadership. 
  • Multi-Gaming Clan to enjoy with friends.
  • An awesome website made for you.
  • Organised and structured  to let you enjoy the community and gaming.
  • Mentors, Specialist Course and training for development! 
  • Active Community 
  • Variety of Roles & Positions to undertake.
  • Become a leader.
  • Join the competitive  team, technical team, forum team, admin team!
  • Lots of badges, medals and awards to be earned.
  • Tons of tournaments and events!
  • Crazy fun wars!
  • Awesome contests with prizes to be won.
  • Become an officer and lead members of 4RAR!
  • Promotions & Ceremonies 

Note: These are subject to change and additional ranks may be added. 

Currently Recruiting:

War of Rights- 4th U.S Infantry Co. A - B - C
ARMA III- Royal Australian Army

Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars- 4th Royal Australian Regiment
Mount & Blade: Bannerlord II- The Knights Watch

Recruiting Closed:

Team Fortress 2
CS:GO Division 
World of Tanks Division 
War Thunder Division 
GTA V Division 
BO3 Division
BO2 Division
Renegade Line Division
Rocket League Division

Coming Soon:

RO2 Division
eSports Clan

Our Tags:
Clan/Community Tag: 4RAR

War of Rights- 4thUS
ARMA III- *Division Tags*

Napoleonic Wars- 4RAR
Bannerlord II- =TKW=

Join 4RAR Gaming Today!

Interested in joining us? Follow some of the steps below! 

1. Register & Fill out website Application 
2. Wait for Recruitment Team 
3. Steam Friend Request will be sent 
4. Sent out to selected division, given duties 
5. Your a member of 4RAR! 

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