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The Australians are here! The men from Australia hear that a war is brewing, a secret treaty not known to the British with the Union is underway and the Australian's are heading to America. The rough, rugged and hard men from the infamous outback are here to serve the Union in the hope for glory, pride, wealth and fame. The colonies have come together to talk about sending men to the front! They've decided to do so and these men will be the first official Australian Soldiers. These men work hard and can withstand the bitter summer heat of the outback who live and breathe a battle. The Aussies don't fight out of a textbook. They're resourceful, inventive soldiers, with plenty of initiative. Americans and British have the idea they are an undisciplined bunch; they aren't much on saluting or parading, and they often do call their commanding officer by his first name, but when the fighting begins, there isn't any lack of discipline or leadership either.You'll find the Digger is a rapid, sharp and unsparing kidder, able to hold his own with Americans or anyone else. He doesn't miss a chance to spar back and forth, and he enjoys it all the more if the competition is tough.

[video=youtube_share;E5opg2qvqCk]https://youtu.be/E5opg2qv ... qCk

Visit our Website

We are the WoR Division for the 4RAR Gaming Clan playing in all classes and units available for the Union. The 4RAR Gaming Clan is an Australian Based Gaming Clan that offers membership globally with a solid foundation for years to come with a strong ranking structure and leadership positions giving members room to grow through the clan enhancing your gaming experience in game and in the 4RAR Gaming Community.

[video=youtube;-5s2-ptV-Wg]https://www.youtube.com/w ... atch?v=-5s2-ptV-Wg

In 4RAR we consider all of each other family. We are best mates and like 'brothers.' We look after our members like family and will always do anything and everything in their best interests. We offer a safe place to game and interact with the community in a drama free environment that we strive to provide for our members so they can enjoy gaming. This is one of our new projects in the 4RAR Family. The 4RAR Gaming Clan/Family is an Australian Based Gaming Organisation that offers membership internationally with North America, Europe and Oceanic battalions. We have a solid foundation for years to come with a strong ranking structure and leadership positions giving members room to grow through the clan enhancing your gaming experience in-game and in the 4RAR Gaming Community.

Gaming Clan
We have 6+ awesome sponsors! You can find on our Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/4rargaming
We offer amazing progression allowing you to play, have fun with friends, lead a team, battalion, division.
Bored? That's ok! You can participate in our 12 other divisions or become a Social Community Member like a lot of our members and participate in out of game events such as Movie Nights where we host the latest and greatest movies or TV Shows just out of the cinemas or still inside!

[SPOILER=Why Join Us?]
Why Join Us?

Lots of Ranks & Leadership Positions! Advance through the ranks of the RAA and command a section to a brigade!


Extremely Organised & Structured! Everything is laid out with simplicity in it's design.


Multi-Gaming Clan- Not enjoying this game? That's okay you can always transfer to another 12 of our divisions.


An Amazing Website- We have some amazing features that other clans & regiments don't have to offer on our website which revolves around you! From displaying ranks and awards on your profile to forum posts to instant messaging to rosters! We function from there.


Mentors, Specialist Course and training for development! We offer the best and only the best mentors and trainers available to you, personally!


Large Community- Meet hundreds and hundreds of people daily playing with your friends who all have the same interests and are yet unique


Variety of Roles & Positions to undertake- Your role defines what you do in the clan, you could be in the Technical Division or Administration Task Force to the Infantry Division! It all comes down to what you want and what your good at.


Become a leader- Who knew that you a recruit in a large organisation would become a leader of an entire division? It has happened many times before in 4RAR!


Your Ability- Do you feel like you can play with the best in your country? Or do you wish to be a role player and become an actual Australian Soldier fighting in the heat of battle with courage and bravery? Or do you wish to just have fun with friends and be laidback a little? All of these options are open to you, the player.

Lots of badges, medals and awards to be earned[/*]

- Be awarded medals, badges & other awards to be displayed wherever you go for your acts of courage, initiative, skill or other values. Become the most decorated player within 4RAR is just steps away!


Tons of tournaments and events!- We host lots of tournaments and events with new and inventive ideas each time! We are the players who do what has never done before. 


Variety of Events- We host tournaments and events internationally for all players ranging from massive line battles to reenactments of a bayonet charge to outside the game like our Movie Nights where we have the hottest new releases or still in cinema movies to enjoy with your friends while in instant chat together.


Awesome contests with prizes to be won- We reward you with prizes and goodies just for playing for us! We have given away hundreds of dollars worth of goods!


CNOP Approved Gaming Organisation- We are a recognized and approved as a Gaming Organisation with the CNOP Seal of Approval.


Flexibility- We are flexible with times and events. We only ask that you attend the events you can get too!


We are about you- We are solely built for our players, you are the members who we love and care about. Our entire community is built on you with our 3 values of Loyalty, Mateship & Discipline. Everything we do is for your best interest because we enjoy it. We want you to get the best value out of your gaming and community experience possible! 

If your looking for a unique experience, join us! If you want something new and inventive, join us! If you want to play with your mates who are respectful, loyal, understanding and kind, become a member today! It's only a few steps away.

What's the worst that can happen? You don't like it which is unlikely, you can leave with an Honourable Discharge.

The best? You become the most decorated and respected member in 4RAR, you lead an entire division and everyone knows your name because of it.[/*]

[SPOILER=Our WoR Rules]1. No Racism: Racists aren't welcome here, If you are found to be racist we will do everything in our power to get rid of you.

2. No Bullying: We like to have a joke but personal attacks aren't allowed, we consider all members like family.

3. Don't Spam on TS3: Permision To Speak (PTS) when said means you must ask before speaking if granted or denied, unless it's for calling out enemies, damage delivered, medic, who's down and what not.

4. Listen: Please listen to the guy who has the rank above you. He generally has a little more knowledge than you do if your a lower rank. 

5. Do what your told: Please follow instructions to the best of your ability. If an officer asks you to switch a certain weapon, switch to the weapon as fast as possible.

6. No Kids: 13 years and younger, not ok. If you lie about your age, we won't know but we are not responsible if you learn bad language, you may be traumatized after leaving the clan. We wont know and won't care.

7. Friendly Environment: We are a big family at 4RAR, we are all mates. If you have an issue with someone or something please inform your commanding officer of the issue.

8. Power: If found abusing your power or rank/role it will be removed immediately with little warning on a side note also asking for a promotion or award directly will also be denied and not beneficial to your cause.

9. Respect, Loyalty, Mates: These 3 are our values. Please show these in and out of game.

10. No Hackers: Simple. We will do everything in our power to make sure you never play the game with another community or in a local server again.

[SPOILER=Ranks]The rank system forms the backbone of 4RAR Gaming which defines an officer’s or enlisted's role and degree of responsibility. The ranks are based upon those of the Australian Army.

4RAR Commissioned Officers receive a commission from the General declaring their rank and responsibility.

People who are not Commissioned Officers in 4RAR are referred to as Other Ranks. These people are , Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Warrant Officers (WOs).


These are only the prerequisites that feature on your website profile. You have to meet the prerequisites before you can even be considered of taking the promotion course.

[SPOILER=Regions]We offer a position for the following regions:

Oceanic [OC]
European [EU]
North America [NA][/*]

[SPOILER=Specialist Courses & Positions]
Specialist Courses & Positions
If you are accepted into your role, you will have the opportunity to also advance into other positions including the following:

Musician- You will be trained as infantry, cavalry, artillery or rifles before you can apply for this role.
Flag Bearer- You will be trained as infantry, cavalry, artillery or rifles before you can apply for this role.
Rifles- After spending a week in an Infantry Company, you can undertake the Rifles Selection Course to become a member of the Rifles Regiment. Only the most accurate, alert, disciplined, aware, swift, cunning and dedicated members are selected to become a member of the Rifles Regiment.


[SPOILER=Command Centre]Command Centre
General. Jackson of 4RAR Gaming Clan
Lieutenant General.
Major General.

[SPOILER=1st Oceanic Brigade]
Oceanic Brigade Commander

Regimental Sergeant Major

1st Royal Australian Regiment-1RAR
Major. Legatus

1st Royal Australian Field Battery Regiment-1FB

">http://4rargaming.clanweb ... te.com/roster/27024]
1st Royal Australian Light Horse Regiment-1LHR
">http://4rargaming.clanweb ... te.com/roster/27025]
1st Royal Australian Rifles Regiment-1RARR

[SPOILER=1st European Brigade]
European Brigade Commander

Regimental Sergeant Major

">http://4rargaming.clanweb ... te.com/roster/27026]
2nd Royal Australian Regiment-2RAR

2nd Royal Australian Field Battery Regiment-2FB

2nd Royal Australian Light Horse Regiment-2LHR
">http://4rargaming.clanweb ... te.com/roster/27029]
2nd Royal Australian Rifles Regiment-2RARR

[SPOILER=1st North American Brigade]
North American Brigade Commander

Regimental Sergeant Major

3rd Royal Australian Regiment-3RAR

3rd Royal Australian Field Battery Regiment-3FB

3rd Royal Australian Light Horse Regiment-3LHR

3rd Royal Australian Rifles Regiment-3RARR

TeamSpeak 3-
Our Website
Steam Group
Email: [email]rar4gaming@outlook.com

Please do take note, we are not a Realism RP Clan for WoR and do not aim to be although we are firmly alongside the names and such of the Australian Army.

We aim to bring future divisions and such into the WoR Division.

We are happy to answer all your questions related to us!

Join Us!


Take these very simple steps to join us in our WoR Division:

Sign Up to Our Website

Join Steam Group


That simple
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