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luistuazon - 4RAR Gaming Application
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Joined: 12th Jun 2016
Rank: Recruit
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12th Jun 2016

I just filled out application '4RAR Gaming Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Desired Name = ☜۩L.M.C.T۩☞
Region = Oceania
Email = luismiguelc.tuazon@gmail.com
Age = 17
Steam Link = http://steamcommunity.com ... es/76561198125169732
Gaming Pattern = 7am - 10pm (Including eating while Playing)
Previous Clan Experience =
Division Applying For = CS:GO
How did you find us? = My Friend Message me
Do you have a Microphone/TS3? = Yes
Hours played in game without idling? = 1,257
Languages = English/Tagalog
War of Rights Unit/Class = Infantry

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Gamer | Moder | Game Collector | MLG Pro | Trader
League Of Legends IGN: LuistuazoN
Philippine Server | 도쿄 구울을 해명

Facebook | Twitter | Youtube Channel | Send Me Offers | FaceIt [www.faceit.com]
Always Put +Rep on my Profile

Joined: 21st Feb 2016
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13th Jun 2016

Your application has been reviewed by the Recruiting Division and you have been accepted to the 4RAR Gaming Community.

Your New Tag
Your new tag! Place the tag in front of your name [4RAR] and wear it with pride. Your current rank is Recruit and are able to advance to Private after a little time, dedication and training! For more on promotions visist here.

Show Your Corps Pride
In 4RAR, we host a ton of great roles, which all have their own corps. Your corps signifies your role you undertake in while playing with 4RAR. You can see the corps' here your corps logo will be visible to others on your profile! Please join the corps your in after looking here to see which one is yours:

Chat With Us
Join us on TeamSpeak 3, where you can find our members! Here's our IP: teamspeak.darkheaven.eu:8310 Don't worry if you have never used TeamSpeak before. We have a guide on how to get it setup as well.

Got Questions? Need Help?
Our community is filled with people that are capable and willing to give you any kind of help. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask anyone in our TeamSpeak server for a little assistance. You can also get a hold of an Officer of your Division or a member of the Personnel Service Center to assist you.

One Last Thing...
We have a special award named the International Service Medal. This award is for recognizing individuals within our community who have been active military, law enforcement, medical services, fire rescue, etc. If you believe that you qualify for this award, please submit an application: here

Welcome again to 4RAR. We are excited to have you as a member!

Congratulations! See you in game!

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Forum » Forums » Applications - Join 4RAR
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